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Arturs compiled his data over a 5-year period by having interested men complete a questionnaire regarding their penis and its size.Health 16 Hard Facts About Penis Size Scientists are hard at work measuring boners in the lab, so we might as well take a peek at the research.The average length of a flaccid penis was 3.6 inches, the average length of a flaccid stretched penis was 5.3 inches, and the average length of an erect penis was 5.2 inches. Looking at things another way, the average circumference of a flaccid penis was 3.7 inches, and.Some males go through puberty at an early age and max out while others go through a gradual process that.Reason: This is not a survey, and this thread is 4 years old. Thanks.

She also found that the means by which a man gets erect may influence his size.The enduring question now has a scientific answer: 13.12 centimetres (5.16 inches) in length when erect, and 11.66cm (4.6 inches) around, according to an analysis of more than 15,000 penises around the world.

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The size of your penis has no connection to the size of your feet, hands, fingers, nose, or any other part of your body.I have found that the average penis size is 6 inches for the smallest malaysian guy penis size i get is 5 inches and the largest is 7.7 inch And my penis size is 6.5 inch reply.

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I recently read a study that attempted to determine the average length of the erect penis by examining upwards of 15,000 men.Researchers from Indiana University did a study to determine the average penis size and what they found out is quite interesting and may be news to you.

Most of them start off with a psychological problem, with an average or slightly small penis.

Over 2,400 men completed this questionnaire and it provided Dr.The average shown in yellow takes into account the size of the population studied, so these studies rise the average by being the biggest.

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The average length in this group is 14.75 cm, but by comparison, the average white or Caucasian penis size is only a quarter of a centimeter smaller, at 14.5 cm. The average penis size among men of East Asian ethnicity is slightly smaller, at 12.9 cm. The global average is 13.71 cm. This is ranking of the average penis length by ethnicity.

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When talking about penis size, there are generally two meaningful dimensions.

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He is a small guy generally -- 10th percentile -- while the other two are very tall for their age, 95th percentile.These intrepid, probably very-interesting-at-a-dinner-party researchers determined that the average penis size is exactly 5.16 inches.

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According to the BJU International journal of urology, the average size of a penis is 5.16 inches (13.12 centimeters) in length when erect, and 4.5 inches (11.66 cm) in circumference.

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From her research, Hebernick found that the average penis length was 5.7 inches, and the average girth was 4.81 inches when erect.This Chart Shows Average Penis Size By Country, Korea is Not Looking So Hot by J.The average size at the beginning of puberty is 6 cm (2.4 in) with adult size reached about 5 years later. W.A. Schonfeld published a penis growth curve in 1943. W.A. Schonfeld published a penis growth curve in 1943.

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