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GPU is not normally that far away from the VRM, so this can increase the GPU temperature.

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On startup GPU and CPU temperatures are around 34 and 36 degrees Celcius respectively.

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My laptop has the same temperature (55 Celcius) also in idle.

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The reporting of power usage is very accurate and does not require.

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I have a Ge62vr, when I play AAA games in Sports Mode my GPU temp.Earlier after playing CS:GO for about 20 minutes the computer shut off on my randomly.My GPU was rapidly spiking to 89% usage and then back to 0%, staying at 89% for no more than a second before going back down.What are average temperatures for a standard office-type PC without a graphics card.

So I was playing the other day and I became curious as to what temperatures my laptop has.So today I was monitoring my GPU while it was idle just to check the temp of the card at that moment, only to find something unusual.My temp hits around 70-80 on the game and i use afterburner to monitor the temp.Hi, is there any way to measure the GPU utilization on a normal Geforce card.The point of my post was basically to say what are cool temps, on average, for GPUs. 60 Celsius really seems like an average-in-use temp. 70s-80s seems like the average, heavy usage temp.

When I had my Radeon HD 6770 on, and was playing a game, it was at 65.0 Celsius.

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