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This information should help to explain why a vacuum pulse fuel pump for a 2-cycle engine will only work marginally or not at all when installed on a 4-cycle engine.The unique thing about pumper carbs is that they can work in any position because they have no float bowel and they do have a fuel pump.

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Vane pumps are available in a number of vane configurations including sliding vane (left), flexible vane, swinging vane, rolling vane, and external vane.However, we have access to over 30 distribution warehouses across the country, with.They run a fule line off the bottom of the fuel tank through a fuel filter to the pump, and then the fuel line goes to the carb on the engine.

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In addition, Mikuni offers different styles, sizes, flow rates, and other options to suit your specific applications.One of the pulse fuel pump hoses gets connected to the engines intake manifold (or crankcase) to supply its pulse-signal, and make it work.Answer Hello Arthur, This carburetor works just like any other carburetor on a small engine.

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This fuel pump is the same as Kohler part numbers 24 393 16-S, which supercedes part numbers 24 393 16, 2439316, 24 393 04, 2439304, 24 393 02, and 2439302.The fuel tank in the Challenger sits at a level below that of the carburetor bowls, and fuel does not tend to flow uphill.Upward piston motion (compression stroke) creates low pressure in the crankcase, and pulls on the pump diaphragm.

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If you do not know how, call a qualified engine shop to do this for you.

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The fuel pump has several nozzles on it to accept the vacuum line, and both the Fuel In and Fuel Out lines.

That is why running wide open causes the pumps to stop pumping as the vaccuum pulse is netralized so the pump is only pulled in one direction and stays there without drawing any more fuel.

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I have seen a mikuni fuel pump being used but the exact details on how to hook it up have been hard to come by.Install pump gauge tester on the pulse fitting (see Picture A).To do this, start the engine and run at idle speed, pinch To do this, start the engine and run at idle speed, pinch.


On the old engine (8hp), the vacuum that goes to the fuel pump is hooked up to the valve cover.The air motor diaphragm kit is part number 435921 and the fuel pump repair kit is 436095.I will try with a shorter vacuum line, but it sure seems like that the pump stops working when the vacuum pulse frequency is too fast.YAs the diaphragm moves up it expands the area in the pump chamber.

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Take the fuel line and lower it to a point that is below the fuel tank and see if gravity will cause fuel to flow from the tank through the line.

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Next,you have an inlet from the tank,an outlet to the carb,and another line that goes to a vacuum source,probably somewhere on.There is a plugged hole on the PTO end cover that is used by the factory setups.I have installed the pulse timing fuel pump and vacuum or pulse is from the valve cover (existing hole already).They sit there year after year, pumping gas to the carburetor, never requiring repair or adjustment, until they eventually fail.

Before proceeding with the system vacuum test, confirm that the pulse fuel pump is capable of supplying the required vacuum.As the engine cycles, this vacuum draws fresh oxygen into the Air Injection lines.

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Mikuni is the undisputed leader in fuel disbursement technology, and their vacuum fuel pumps are the popular choice when replacement fuel pumps are needed.Pump the tester until it reaches 28 kPa (4 PSI) on the gauge.If this fuel pump is being installed on a Intek V-Twin engine originally equipped with a metal fuel pump, related item 1567967.

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When you have to replace a fuel pump, or if you are looking to upgrade.So there could be a problem in fuel delivery associated with low suction, and this will not be indicated by the fuel vacuum switch because it only looks for high suction pressure.The fuel pump is a typical pulse pump unit where they use the intermittent vacuum pulses off the engine intake to operate the diaphram inside the pump.

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Therefore, we must either mix a little oil with the fuel (2 to 4 percent) or inject it very sparingly into the bearings with a tiny metering pump.