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An erect image, in optics, is one that appears right-side up.

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NY to Erect $1.5M Memorial to 1911 Triangle Fire Victims

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An equilateral triangle is easily constructed using a compass and straightedge, as 3 is a Fermat prime.

Given an equilateral triangle ABC, erect a square BCDE externally on the side BC.

Some telescopes and other devices such as the camera obscura present an inverted image on the viewing surface.From Middle English erecten, from the adjective (see above). Verb. erect (third-person singular simple present erects, present participle erecting, simple past and past participle erected).

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From Equilateral Triangle and Square to Golden Ratio In a 2011 article, M.Conduit Ave., near JFK airport Real estate developer Triangle Equities has purchased a large parking lot near John F.

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