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Level 2 Geography: Its Nature and Perspectives. when clustering occurs purposefully around a central points or an economic growth pole. random pattern. when there is no rhyme or reason to the distribution of a spatial phenomenon. linear.Growth Pole Theory GROWTH POLE REFERS to the concentration of highly innovative and technically advanced industries that. stimulate economic development in linked businesses and industries.

Free flashcards to help memorize facts about AP Human Geography Agricultural.Definition economic polices imposed on LDCs by international agencies to create conditions encouraging international trade, such as raising taxes, reducing government spending, controlling inflation, selling publicly owned utilities to private corporations and charging citizens for more services.

For example, there is a city center, and there is the region that borders the city.

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World Map: A clickable map of world countries :-)

Agglomeration: AP Human Geography Crash Course Review When we talk about a large city, there are various aspects to consider.

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There is a wide array of costs concerning roof replacement, regardless of the area.

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He attempted to explain how modern process of economic growth deviated from the stationary conception.The material used, size in square footage, labor costs, and so on.

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